The “Meaningful Coincidences” workshop is a journey of discovery to the unconscious, our inner images and our symbolic world as a space that organizes life. Participants collect clues to their imaginary worlds while trying to make meaningful connections that correspond within a series of random games. Can we achieve non-coincidental results as a result of more randomness, such as partners determined by chance images and coincidences? We sought an answer to this question with the participants.

Meaningful Coincidences (2019) @ Creative Disciplines Art Festival
We were invited to the Coincidences themed creative disciplines festival organized by Filter Platform. Together with our participants, we made a journey of discovery to our inner images and symbol world.

On April 21, the works of 43 artists / designers and 40 events took place simultaneously for 12 hours in every corner of the TAK building. Conferences, workshops, open talks and performances were offered for flexible participation of visitors; photographs, compositions, notebooks, installations and video presentations were also taking place at different points of the building cyclically and alternately throughout the day.

We spent hours full of exploration with our participants, taking part in the festival with the training we designed.

Organized By: Filter Platform & Design Workshop Kadıköy Curator: Tolgay Keskin

If destiny is the prediction of routes and meetings, is the concept of “coincidence” encoded in our minds as “mysterious and interesting” only for us ignorant?

Creating Disciplines: A 12-hour experimental festival on coincidences, the creative image that emerges as a result of accidental and intuitive access to information / exposure!

Original creativity can be defined as: the result of the unique connections of different information blocks in the individual’s mind filter.
creative images appearing in mind… The dynamic and complex setup of this festival will also serve as a ground and a catalyst for creative image formation.

Theme of the festival – coincidences –

It is thought with coincidence and fate . They are the meetings that occur over time as a result of the overlap and decomposition of infinite number of free will networks with each other and with earthly rhythms. If destiny is to know these routes and meetings in advance, the concept of “coincidence” encoded in our minds as “mysterious and interesting” is only us. Is it for the ignorant?

So, can a divination method be developed for the discovery of this route and dating network? Will a person who can reach this mystery have a chance to be surprised and fascinated?

Coincidence is associated with the moment of emergence. But does having previously experienced a future known for its prophetic faculty in our minds turn the moment of emergence into a mere illusion? Does the inspiration, the creation fire in neurons, disappear by divination? Is there any “trace” left from us?

With what time concept can we reach an information flow that will yield individual, original and creative fruits? With what strategies can we overcome such deadlocks of the worldly order?

Or will the solution remain deliberately ignorant?

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